The Imaginarium Of Corey Italiano: Sci-fi and Beyond

Science fiction, sci-fi for short, is one of the most challenging genres to master, as one must walk a tight rope, ensuring to strike a balance between crafting a distinct, creative and imaginative fictitious world yet anchoring it in scientific reason and logic, giving it a real-life touch.

The Fascinated Kid With An Idea

During childhood, I spent much of my time outdoors and daydreaming about becoming a spy or a ninja. Growing up in rural Eastern Idaho, I was blessed to be able to ride dirt bikes and shoot guns at my own desire. I scoffed at my obligation to go to school, wishing instead that I could spend my time more productively learning about the wonders of the world around me. I was also fascinated by UFOs, aliens, monsters, exoplanets, and the like. I received my first Nintendo NES system at six years old and I have been a video game lover ever since.


When I wasn’t playing outside, I was playing video games and watching movies and shows like Star Wars, Ridley Scott’s Aliens, Terminator, Predator, Star Trek, and so many other amazing pieces from the 80’s and 90’s. After completing high school, I moved away from my home for five years. I spent that time in five different states and invested efforts in traveling with my family to many places outside the US; which has graced me with the understanding of how others live around the world.

A Science Fiction Enthusiast

I didn’t read much for entertainment growing up, preferring to watch TV, but in my early 30’s I was introduced to The Red Rising Series by Pierce Brown. After finishing the first book, I was hooked on the knowledge that I could indulge myself in a new world with each new book I read. Not having the time and focus to sit and flip through pages, I took to downloading audiobooks and listening as often as possible. Whether driving in my car, working in my garden, or just laying around on a lazy Sunday, I almost always had my headphones in listening to a book. Over the past three years, I have listened to or read more than four hundred works of science fiction and a couple dozen personal growth pieces. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in space, aliens, and exoplanets, though, the idea of writing a Sci-Fi book was never something I had thought about or had been interested in doing. In my youth, I spent time writing poems and song lyrics. One random day, while working on the computer, I realized I hadn’t composed a new song in quite some time and I resolved to change that.


As I sat and contemplated things in my head and thought about some of the fantastic stories I had encountered, I had a peculiar impulse to tell a short story of my own. An hour later, I wrote the prologue of Transync, The Dova Sku Series Book 1. At that time, I had no idea what the book would be about or where it would go. After two months, I had a rough outline of the story, and I would spend the following two and a half years developing the complete story. The story seemed to take on a mind of its own and, as it turns out, it wasn’t a short story after all.

Throughout the writing of the manuscript, I shared the work-in-progress with some creative writing friends and acquaintances and this is what one of them had to say.

“Corey is a superb storyteller who uses his skills to transport his readers to a fictional world where the reader can relate to the events. He makes excellent use of imagery and juxtaposition to create a unique world and keep readers on their toes throughout this captivating masterpiece.” – Austin A.

Although, I am currently working as a smart home and security technician as my full-time job and writing in my spare time. I look forward to the day when I can focus solely on my passion for writing and telling stories.

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