TRANSYNC – The Dova Sku Series

By Corey Italiano

The first book in the Dova Sku Series, TRANSYNC, takes readers on an exciting adventure through the life of the protagonist, US Navy Seal Christopher Thompkins. In an effort to flee the harsh realities and experiences of his life, Chris joins an exploration mission to learn more about a newly discovered planet.

Even though new exoplanets are found every year, the chances of finding one that could support humans are extremely low. Nevertheless, astronomer Samuel Catoran is ecstatic when he discovers an unusual planet located 16 light-years away in the Galus system. When the planet, named Catora, is confirmed as habitable, the famed EM Tether technology is used to take the initial expeditionary force to the planet.

Chris’s innate curiosity leads him to explore new realms of possibilities on Catora. But he is unaware of the potential dangers and challenges that await him. He makes his way out to cope with this bizarre reality while rubbing shoulders with some incredible allies and new friends, despite the difficulties he faces along the road. Eventually, he realizes that what he signed up for was something abysmal and terrifying.

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