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The science fiction genre is quite rich as it offers a comprehensive range of concepts and stories that readers can relate to and feel influenced by the narrative. As one of the most versatile genres of English literature, it has much to offer people of different backgrounds and perspectives. One of the best advantages of reading science fiction books is that they allow readers to speculate on the effects of emerging technologies and social morals.

Science Fiction is Beyond Powerful

Science fiction is one powerful tool today to learn about our world, expose ourselves to reality, and understand the problems we face. Sci-fi allows us to step outside our heads. It enables us to change our perspective on what we are looking at and see what we are experiencing from a different point of view. Science fiction is powerful because it can reveal to us our mistakes and lets us see them as part of the adventure we are living presently.

By reading science fiction, we confront our mistakes and see them as part of our history. It lets us learn from our mistakes and helps us make better choices in the future, so we can make the world a safer and better place to live. When reading science fiction, we learn about the natural world, which is often very different from the fantasies we have in our minds. It can cause us to confront ourselves and the reality we live in.

The Author Extraordinaire

Corey has read more than 400 science fiction books in the past three years, making him a serious fan of science fiction. He has always had a deep interest in astronomy, extraterrestrial life, and exoplanets. For Corey, science fiction offers more than just escapism or entertainment. It is a genre that allows him to think about the world in new and innovative ways. He hopes that his writing helps shape the public’s understanding of things like artificial intelligence, which are likely to change our lives and society more than anything else in the coming decades.

While writing the manuscript for TRANSYNC, Corey had initially planned to create a short narrative. With time, he realized the potential that he could turn the story into a Science Fiction masterpiece.

Later, Corey penned the prologue to TRANSYNC – the first book in The Dova Sku Series. He had no clue what the book would be about or where it would go at that point. The first draft of the story’s outline was finished two months later, and he spent the next two and a half years completing the book.

TRANSYNC by Corey Italiano

In this book, the first of the series, the author takes us on an eventful journey of a space expedition to a new world. The protagonist joins the mission, unaware of the potential challenges he might face on a newly-found planet.

With thousands of exoplanets being discovered every single year, it’s a wonder that it took this long to confirm one as habitable. The confirmation came from Astronomer Samuel Catoran, and he named the planet – Catora. Triggered by his inherent curiosity, US Navy Seal Christopher Thompkins decides to be a part of a challenging yet unique mission, leaving behind his unsettling past.

Despite the many dangers the planet poses and the trials and tribulations along the way, Chris makes some unexpected friends. When ruins of a past civilization are discovered, and one surprise after another leads Chris to revelations that he hadn’t planned for, it isn’t long before an enemy arises that no one ever expected.

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TRANSYNC – The Dova Sku Series is an electrifying story and a heart-pounding tale of suspense that will keep you on your toes. Get your copy today, join the protagonist on his eventful journey, and see how Chris anticipates challenges despite his desire to escape painful memories. If you’re looking for a book that introduces you to new imaginative tech, be sure to get your hands on a copy. You won’t be disappointed!

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