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There are a lot of stories set up in deep space, typically depicting groups exploring unchartered territories or fleeing from an enemy; stories that focus on life at the most cellular level, like an epidemic story; and stories that take place in a time that feels like our own, or not too distant in the future.

Science fiction is a subgenre of speculative fiction that deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.

Science Fiction Past

Before we ever had microwaves and telephones, science fiction writers have been creating amazing new technology within their stories that, over the years, have slowly become a reality, from personal cell phones and now smartwatches to self-driving cars.

In the last two decades alone, some items that had only been imagined over the last century are now commonly used in everyday life. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used by many of the world’s largest tech companies and government agencies. It has even made its way into civilian life, though we aren’t quite at the stage of Sentient Artificial Intelligence.

It wasn’t until 1998, when the ISS began its orbit around Earth, that the idea of a space station had been anything other than fiction. Now, the first manned mission to Mars is being planned by more than one space agency.

What the Future Holds

We are starting to get to an age where artificial intelligence is widely used around the world on a daily basis. We are even seeing the emergence of robots and nanotechnology. The combination of the trio could prove to bring us Sentient AI with life-like appearances sooner than we think. Many even warn against the creation of such entities and the dangers they pose.

We should expect to see three-dimensional holograms and cybernetic limbs become part of our societies within our lifetimes, and scientists have even begun working on teleportation. What other previously imagined technologies might be developed in the coming years?

TRANSYNC by Corey Italiano

The first book in the Dova Sku Series, TRANSYNC, takes readers on an exciting adventure through the life of the protagonist, US Navy Seal Christopher Thompkins. In an effort to flee the harsh realities and experiences of his life, Chris joins an exploration mission to learn more about a newly discovered planet.

Even though new exoplanets are found every year, the chances of finding one that could support humans are extremely low. Nevertheless, astronomer Samuel Catoran is ecstatic when he discovers an unusual planet located 16 light-years away in the Galus system. When the planet, named Catora, is confirmed as habitable, the famed EM Tether technology is used to take the initial expeditionary force to the planet.

Chris’s innate curiosity leads him to explore new realms of possibilities on Catora. But he is unaware of the potential dangers and challenges that await him. He makes his way out to cope with this bizarre reality while rubbing shoulders with some incredible allies and new friends, despite the difficulties he faces along the road. Eventually, he realizes that what he signed up for was something abysmal and terrifying.

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TRANSYNC – The Dova Sku Series is an electrifying story and a heart-pounding tale of suspense that will keep you on your toes. Get your copy today, join the protagonist on his eventful journey, and see how Chris anticipates challenges despite his desire to escape painful memories. If you’re looking for a book that introduces you to new imaginative tech, be sure to get your hands on a copy. You won’t be disappointed!

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